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FYI - Your Home Needs a Bath

Many home owners haven't ever considered pressure washing the exterior of their homes. Some home owners ask, "Is pressure washing necessary?" or "Can I do this myself?" and the simple answer to both of these common questions is, yes.

At D&D Decorators, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our customers, so we have highlighted below several common questions we receive from our customers about pressure washing.


1. "Is pressure washing considered preventative maintenance or just aesthetically pleasing?"

90% of pressure washing is preventative maintenance and 10% is aesthetics.

2. "Why do I need to pressure wash the exterior of my home?"

Pressure washing your home regularly can help prevent the growth of destructive mold, mildew, moss, and algae that can cause repair issues down the road.

3. "How often should I have my home pressure washed?"

We recommend having your home pressure washed once a year.

4. "What are the pros/cons of #DIY Pressure Washing?"

PROS: Save a dollar and you won't have strangers at your house.

CONS: If bleach is not rinsed well enough, it will cause more mildew. Also, standing too close to the substrate while pressure washing can cause severe damage. Both of these common pressure washing fails will ultimately cost more money down the road to repair the damage.

5. "Is there any type of exterior substrate that does not need to be pressure washed?"

No, whether your home exterior is wood, vinyl, metal, brick, stone, fiber cement, stucco, imitation stone/brick, pressure washing is beneficial. We will note that the only places we do not like to pressure wash around are old windows that leak due to age or improper installation.


Now that you passed Pressure Washing 101, you can determine if your home is in need of a #PressureWash - if you would like to have this done, our company can quote you a price for no charge! Call our office today at 912-261-0306 and schedule your no-obligation estimate and appointment!

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